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Product Code: RPC2537
Do your pets are difficult to finish their food if it get's spread out while he's eating?Do your pets always stack food to the edge then overflow to the floor?Do your pets keep knocking bowls over and has trouble gripping the food on a flat surface?Here SuperDesign Slanted Pet Bowl Comes!!! It isgre..
Product Code: RPC25426 Brand: AXEN
1.Multiple squeakers in each toy can attract the dog's attention, increase the dog's fun, and make it not so lonely at home.2.All toys are made of non-toxic fabrics to help protect your dog's dental health.3.The cute shapecan greatly increase the dog's interest and greatly reduce the phenomenon that..
Product Code: RPC25216
Product Size:Ring toy:18cm*8cm            Pentagram toy:18cm*9.5cm            Monkey toy:15cm*9cm            Rod shape toy:18cm*3cm            Triangle toy:17.5cm*7cm Product Weight:40-60g Product material:the main component is natural rubber and cotton Suitable for varieties:small dogs,such as husk..
Product Code: RPC27730 Brand: B-1
You can hide the dog's favorite snacks and thus training its sense of smell.Soft, and it's bite & tear resistant, durable, and convenient to clean,machine washablefor All Breeds: all dogs or any other animals at any age can find pleasure in it. Size:50×50cmUsed For:Sports and TrainingPackaged includ..
Product Code: RPC27729 Brand: B-1
1.Pet training mat on which pets can play and forage.2.Hide the pet's favorite food in the mat, guide it to find, slow down the speed of eating, and improve the foraging skills.3.Enhance eating fun, slow food and digestion are beneficial to the health of dogs.Specifications:Size: 48*48cmMaterial: Fl..
Product Code: RPC29158 Brand: B-1
This feeding mat for dogs can make the dog slow down when eating the food, prevent the dog from swallowing too much food at once, and help the dog to promote food digestion.Removable and detachable pet mat-This pizza mat is detachable, consisting of a round mat and four pieces of pizza, allowing dog..
Product Code: RPC4434
Exposed colored clay stoneware base with semi-transparent glaze. Free form pinched edge details. Dishwasher safe. Ideal for medium-sized breeds. 6.75" Diameter and 2.5" In height...
Product Code: RPC24873 Brand: Hanri
What is the Balance Swing Car treat dispensing toy?This treat dispensing toy is a slow feeder, active feeder, pet puzzle toy, IQ training toy and interactive pet toy. Our pet friends can make the toy move by nudging it or pushing it. The treat will be released once our pet figures out how to push th..
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