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Product Code: RPC24971
1. The combination of rubber and plastic improves the bite resistance of the toy. 2.Creative nail thorns can effectively clean teeth to remove tartar. 3.The interesting design of food leakage can increase the interaction between pets and toys and achieve the effect of cleaning teeth...
Product Code: RPC30517 Brand: AIMUKILADO
Brush the dogs mane on all sides. The multilateral design allows access to hard-to-reach parts for cleaning. You can choose to insert toothpaste along the side slot to provide better cleanliness and help pets clean their teeth deeplyThe tear-resistant thermoplastic rubber is more durable than ordina..
Product Code: RPC24994
Round Diameter: 35mmUses:Placed inside a doll that will be audible by BB calledMaterial:Plastic It is perfect for repairing plush toys or dolls to squeak again.The noise squeaker inserts make a sound when pressed and also when released. Package include:50 x Toy Squeakers..
Product Code: RPC27749
Benefits:  The product is full of unique properties compared to other products that you can find on the market.  Its made of high quality solid rubber ball, attached to a strong cotton rope to prevent the dog from destroying it.  This dog bite toy combines a fun and great chew toy for the dog, as we..
Product Code: RPC28397
A safe and healthy alternative to chewing sticks will last much longer and won’t splinter and make a mess as your pup chews.  This stick is a treat for letting your dog work out their destructive chewing, and equally suitable for some interactive outdoor play time to seal that dog and owner bond.  C..
Product Code: RPC27622
Package: One PCS Pet Snuffle Mat,Dog Slow Feeding Mat Dog Nosework Training Mat,Non-Slip Pet Play Puppy Interactive Puzzle Toys for Training and Stress Release, Encourages Foraging Skills,Durable and Washable..
Product Code: RPC26454
All For Paws Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy Heartbeat pillow is designed to help your dog cope with everyday stressors. This comforting toy recreates the intimacy that your nervous pup craves in times of stress due to loneliness, fear and separation anxieties. This stuffed animal behavioral aid also f..
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