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Dog Shedding Tools

Product Code: RPC9972
Do you care about your pet? Yes you do because you are already on this listing looking forward to improve the overall health and physical appearance of your pet. Our pets also deserve to be cleaned and very well groomed and taken care of. We have arranged the best and most useful tools for you all i..
Product Code: RPC21007
1.Products include:Material: Plastic and Stainless steel slicker brush size: Length:6.3InBrush Length:5.12In Brush Width:2.76InColor: PinkWeight:0.15Lbinclude: slicker brush*1grooming tool*12.Usage method:(1).Please comb your pet's hairs gently and make sure the pet's hair is dry before combing it. ..
Product Code: RPC9142
Dog & Cat brush for shedding and Grooming, suitable long hair puppy, pet supplies hair removerFeature:Self cleaning button: after brushing the pet, just click the button and the brictles will be removed.Comfortable massage needle particles: Gentle on your pet's skin and coat it features soft and fle..
Product Code: RPC9371
The De-Matting Rake has a slightly curved 1.25 in. rake that is gentle on skin, but reaches deep to help remove tangles and knots. It is also effective in removing dead and shedding hair. The gel grip handle offers maximum control and comfort with it's soft, nonslip grip. Feel it and see for yoursel..
Product Code: RPC10557
CONAIRPRO dog & cat Shedding Blade controls excess shedding and significantly reduces the stray hairs left behind during shedding season. Use the serrated side to eliminate loose hairs and the smooth edge to strip excess water after bathing. This versatile tool can be used either looped or straight...
Product Code: RPC8142
Make short work of your pet’s long hair with these premium grooming tools. If your dog is susceptible to tangles, mats and knots, spending lots of money on a haircut isn’t the only option. You can preserve your long-haired breed’s luxurious locks with the tools you’ll find in the DakPets Pro Groomer..
Product Code: RPC12097
Save on trips to the Grooming Parlour - By using the GroomMe de-shedding tool for just a few minutes a day you can reduce your Pets natural shedding by up to 90%!Now you can share your home with your Pet but not with their hair!The GroomMe de shedding Tool Removes dead hair and undercoat quickly and..
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