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Dog Treat Pouches

Product Code: RPC28110
Pattern Name:pouch EcoCity Treat Training Pouch is the perfect dog treat training bag for all dog lovers! 3 ways to wear: removable 42" adjustable waistband. removable shoulder strap. strong metal belt clip Product Size: L*W*H: 7*5*2.5" Package Includes: 1 x Dog Treat Training Pouch Quality Assuranc..
Product Code: RPC24452 Brand: Paw Lifestyles
Finally, the perfect dog treat training pouch for all active dog lovers! This All-In-One lightweight training bag adds a new level of freedom & enjoyment when taking your dog on a walk or a trip to the dog park to train and socialize with other dogs. It's dog training like you never experienced befo..
Product Code: RPC27443
Built-in waste bag dispenser allows you to stay prepared at all times during any outings with your pet,Take your dog for a walk with confidence and peace of mind!This training bag adds a new level of friendly could enhance your training and walking the dog experience. It's the dog training like you ..
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