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Product Code: RPC26522 Brand: JH-JT
DescriptionName: Dog PillowColor: as shown Size: 50cmMaterial: Super-soft fabric/Inner PP cottonApplicable pet category: GeneralType: Puzzle fun pet toys, relieve dog anxiety, prevent damage to furniture, etc. Tips Manual measurement, slight deviation, please refer to the actual object receivedIf i..
Product Code: RPC27710 Brand: JH-JT
DescriptionName: Deep sleep pet pillowColor: as shown Size: 25*19cm/20*30cm/21*21cmWeight: 300gMaterial: pp cottonNote: Due to the manual measurement of the size, there is an error, which is subject to the actual receipt.If in doubt, we will serve you 24 hours a day...
Product Code: RPC26935 Brand: JH-JT
Product DescriptionName: Plush small pillowColor: as shown Size: 38*14cmMaterial: PP cottonApplicable object: DogNote: Sounder device The position will moveBecause of the manual measurement of the size, there will be errors, subject to the receipt of the authenticity.If in doubt, we will be at your..
Product Code: RPC33609 Brand: JH-JT
DescriptionName: Plush Toy PillowColor: as shown Product Size: Length 23cmApplicable Pet Category: DogNote: Manual measurement, allowable error in ± 2 (cm /g) Within If in doubt, we will be at your service 24 hours a day..
Product Code: RPC26964 Brand: JH-JT
product information: Product Name: Rubber Solid Ball Product material: rubber Product specifications: 63.5mm Applicable to: medium and large dogs Packing: single package Color: turquoise, blue The product is suitable for medium and large dogs, among which medium-sized dogs include Husky, Bianmu, Sam..
Product Code: RPC26673 Brand: JH-JT
Large dog red, white and black rope knot three-piece suit, large dog white green orange knot three-piece suit, large dog red black and blue rope knot three-piece suit Type / Size: Cleared bite rope (120CM), corn ring bite rope (diameter 19CM), training solid ball (diameter 7CM) Features: 1.Precise k..
Product Code: RPC26674 Brand: JH-JT
Medium and large dog exclusive toys Name: Large and medium-sized dog-specific lizard cotton rope Specifications: 1.2 meters Weight: 0.8kg (with packaging weight) Color type: red black and white, red black blue white, red yellow blue white, white green orange gray Features: 1.Precise knot-knitted str..
Product Code: RPC26965 Brand: JH-JT
This product can release the dog's pressure, let the dog and the owner interact, enhance the feelings, and cultivate the trust and understanding of the owner and the dog! Applicable object: medium dogs Dog weight standard: adult weight less than 11-30 kg Product weight: 110g (medium toy ball) Sellin..
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